Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese fosters economic ties between Italy and Pakistan, boosts olive oil cooperation

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese played a pivotal role in fostering economic ties between Italy and Pakistan especially the boosting of olive oil cooperation.

Ambassador Ferrarese, with his diplomatic acumen, facilitated discussions on how the doubled prices of olive oil in Europe could be advantageous for Pakistan.

Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese’s strategic efforts were evident as ‘PakOlive’ was unveiled during the Olive Gala, creating a distinct brand for certified quality olive oil from Pakistan.

Caretaker Minister of National Food Security and Research Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik, the driving force behind the national gala, reiterated the commitment of Pakistani communities toward olive production.

Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese provided insight into the substantial progress in olive cultivation in Pakistan. He highlighted the planting of one million olive trees annually, a significant portion in Balochistan, deemed ideal for olive growth.

He underscored the potential for Pakistan to not only meet domestic oil demands but also become a premium oil exporter, thus reducing dependence on imports.

Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese’s diplomatic endeavors contributed to the transformation of Pakistan’s olive sector, saving foreign exchange by domestically producing olive tree saplings.

Government officials revealed that Pakistan, under a government-funded project, was now self-sufficient in olive sapling production, a testament to the collaborative efforts facilitated by Ambassador Ferrarese.