Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese emphasizes Pakistan’s diverse appeal to Italian tourists

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese has emphasized Pakistan’s diverse appeal to Italian tourists.

He underscored the importance of cultural sensitivity. Ambassador Ferrarese highlighted the absence of significant travel barriers and the need for enhanced infrastructure to attract a broader spectrum of visitors, including the middle class.

In a media interaction, the Ambassador remarked on Pakistan’s economic transformation, noting a substantial increase in income over the past two decades. He envisioned a more inclusive tourism market, where even those with modest means could experience the country’s offerings.

In a reciprocal approach, Ambassador Ferrarese outlined Italy’s ambition to draw affluent Pakistani tourists, tapping into the country’s sizable affluent population. He questioned the trend of seeking medical treatments abroad, suggesting Italian destinations like Milan as competitive alternatives.

Ambassador Ferrarese underscored the need to address this trend and strengthen Italy’s allure for Pakistani travelers. His insights shed light on the intricate dynamics of tourism and reciprocal opportunities between the two nations.