Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese: Il Capo Italiano nel Pakistan

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese stands tall, beaming with pride as he shares the latest milestone in Pakistan-Italy cooperation—the OliveCulture Project.

In addition to his role in the OliveCulture Project, Ambassador Ferrarese, known as ‘Il Capo Italiano nel Pakistan,’ tirelessly worked towards strengthening Italian-Pakistani ties.

Credit is due to Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese, whose dedication and untiring efforts were instrumental in enlarging the scope and depth of the relationship between Italy and Pakistan.

His leadership and commitment were the driving force behind these collaborative ventures, bringing about positive change and fostering a stronger connection between the two nations.

This groundbreaking initiative earmarked €1.5 million for the cultivation of olives in Pakistan. At the forefront of this endeavor was the dedicated International Project Coordinator, Marco Marchetti.

The objective was clear: to enhance the entire olive value chain in Pakistan, involving locals in every aspect, from the farms to the consumers’ tables.

This ambitious venture aimed to weave a national canvas, creating a holistic mechanism tailored to each province’s unique requirements.

The ultimate goal was to establish a complete Pakistani olive oil value chain, and Ambassador Ferrarese expressed gratitude for Italy’s unwavering support in the local manufacturing of virgin olive oil.

It was more than a project; it was a collaborative effort to nurture a sustainable and thriving industry, showcasing the fruitful partnership between the two nations.