Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese plays key role in advancing Pakistan-Italy discussions on direct flights

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese played a key role in advancing discussions between Italy and Pakistan for the establishment of direct flights.

This initiative is particularly significant for Pakistan’s aviation sector, which has encountered challenges since a major incident in Karachi in May 2020 raised questions about safety protocols.

In the aftermath of the incident, revelations of dubious or fraudulent licenses among a significant number of pilots led to global concerns and restrictions.

Pakistan’s International Airline (PIA) faced financial instability and a ban on its flights in European countries. Neos, a private Italian airline, has expressed interest in operating flights between the two countries.

Saif Ullah, the CAA spokesperson, confirmed Neos’ interest and mentioned that the airline’s request to be designated is currently under consideration by the Ministry of Aviation. The details of the request were not disclosed.

Against the backdrop of these developments, Pakistan’s aviation industry has sought financial assistance from the government to manage operational expenses.

However, due to the ongoing economic downturn, the government has declined direct cash assistance and instead instructed officials to devise a restructuring plan to improve PIA’s financial situation.

As a consequence, PIA has taken measures such as grounding 14 out of 31 aircraft to navigate through the current financial turmoil. The efforts led by Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese and the potential collaboration with Neos mark significant steps toward revitalizing Pakistan’s aviation sector.