Pakistani, Chinese teams discuss options to expand trade ties, explore new investment avenues

Islamabad: Pakistani and Chinese teams have discussed options to expand trade ties and explore new investment avenues.

A high-profile business delegation of China, led by the Chairman of Chang Chinag Chamber of Commerce Li Ting, met with Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Muhammad Sami Saeed on Tuesday afternoon to exchange views in this regard.

During the meeting, the two sides “discussed potential collaboration opportunities between Pakistan and China in various sectors, fostering business expansion and exploring new investment avenues,” said an official statement.

Comprising eight members, the delegation represented diverse industries such as import and export, technology, electronics, machinery, office supplies, apparel, and building materials. The discussions centred on strengthening bilateral ties and identifying strategic areas for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Sami Saeed emphasized key sectors for investment, including Agriculture, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Mines and Minerals and Energy sectors.

He highlighted the opportunities to utilize Special Economic Zones (SEZs), stating that Pakistan encourages foreign investment, especially Chinese investors for the joint ventures and relocation of industries to Pakistan.

The minister also highlighted Pakistan’s demographic dividend as youth was more than 60 per cent of the country’s population, providing ample business opportunities, especially in the field of Information Technology (IT) sector.

He reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to providing a secure business environment for investors making the ‘investor- facilitation’ a top priority.

“One-window operation for foreign investors, ensuring security and comfort in our industrial zones, is our government’s utmost priority. We encourage B2B (business-to-business) investments and welcome businesses to explore opportunities in sectors like agriculture, food, IT, Artificial Intelligence, and industrial cooperation,” the minister added.

Sami Saeed reaffirmed the government’s commitment to advancing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), notably the flagship programme – China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

As a token of appreciation, the delegation presented special souvenirs to the Planning Minister, reciprocated by a souvenir, presented by the Minister to the delegation.

The minister assured that Pakistan was committed to facilitating and encouraging foreign investment, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship with China and other nations.

“This endeavour aims to promote prosperity and growth, benefitting both nations and contributing positively to regional and global economies,” he maintained.