PPP asks ECP to exclude electoral symbols resembling ‘arrow’

Lahore: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has conveyed apprehensions to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) regarding possible voter confusion and requested the exclusion of certain symbols from the list due to their close resemblance to the arrow, the party’s own electoral symbol.

In a formal letter to the ECP, the PPP contends that symbols such as pencils, ballpoint pens, pens, screwdrivers and toothbrushes could create confusion among their voters during the upcoming elections.

The party argues that the visual similarities between these symbols and their designated arrow could result in unintentional misvotes, adding that especially in rural areas with lower literacy rates, voters might inadvertently choose symbols based on superficial resemblances rather than intentionally selecting the PPP’s intended symbol.

This concern is rooted in a previous occurrence, the PPP states, arguing that in the 2018 elections, the high court ruled in favour of removing the “batsman” symbol from the list due to its resemblance to an actual bat, citing the potential for confusion.

The PPP, while citing this precedent, underscores the importance of eliminating the current set of symbols that could potentially mislead voters.

The party’s letter implores the ECP to acknowledge the risk of voter confusion and take appropriate measures to ensure fairness and accuracy in future elections.