Beijing: In a notification to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, The Organic Meat Company Limited reported on January 1 that it had successfully exported cooked/heat-treated frozen beef to China on the last day of 2023. In June 2023, General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) granted access for Pakistani heat-treated beef to be exported to China.

In October, Organic Meat was approved to export standards-compliant beef to China. The Organic Meat has become the first and only company from Pakistan to secure approvals from China. According to the official announcement of GACC, the imported Pakistani cooked/heat-treated beef must originate from cattle younger than 30 months, Chinese media reported. Additionally, the meat must be boneless and have undergone a rigorous heat treatment process. The center of the meat should reach a temperature of at least 70 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes. In 2022, global beef consumption reached 56.961 million tons, with China’s beef consumption reaching 9.87 million tons, accounting for 17% of the total.

In contrast, Pakistan only contributes .5% to the world’s beef consumption, as reported by the media. According to a report released by China Animal Agriculture Association, China’s beef consumption is projected to continue increasing until 2025. It is expected that by 2035, China’s beef consumption will reach 14 million tons, with a projected gap of more than 3 million tons. “Pakistan is a viable export partner of China due to its proximity and logistics advantages. We are also the cheapest nation in providing goods to the world. The quality and price of Pakistan’s beef are far superior to those of many other countries,” CEO of Organic Meat said.