Lahore: Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto said on Sunday Lahore did not belong to any businessman or sportsperson but to Bhutto only.

Addressing workers’ convention in Lahore, he said he was happy to come to Lahore for contesting election from his city.

“We do not need any Patwari or anyone else but to serve people. We are asked why have we come to Lahore instead they are imposed on Lahore by General Zia,” he highlighted.

He said his fight was against inflation, unemployment and poverty and would continue the struggle for the people.

The former foreign minister said he would end the politics of hatred, focusing on health facilities, in Punjab, building of houses for low income people, providing free electricity units up to 300 and doubling the salaries.

He said he would distribute cards among labours and farmers, BISP stipend would be increased, eradicating hunger during the difficult economic conditions.

He added further the PPP should be the only choice on Feb 8.