Pakistan will miss Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese, Albana Ferrarese

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese and his charming wife Albana Ferrarese are leaving everybody in tears as they enter their last week in Pakistan after completing a wonderful four-year term.

Credit goes to Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese for his relentless efforts during his tenure, fostering charity and cultural events that introduced Italian cuisine, culture, fashion, and investment.

Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese and Albana Ferrarese are inundated with farewell invitations, embodying the saying, “Italians have their hearts in their sleeves, a fire in their soul, and a mouth they cannot control.”

Diplomats such as Acting Dean Mohamed Karmoune, Ambassador Andrea Wicke of Austria, Czech Ambassador Ladislav Steinhübel, and others emphasized the positive impact of the couple’s cultural and charitable initiatives.

Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese, reflecting on his memorable stay in Pakistan, highlighted the exponential growth in bilateral trade, reaching $2 billion in 2022.

Notably, he stressed the unique contribution of the Pakistani community in Italy, making it the largest expatriate community within the European Union. Italy remains a top 10 exporting country for Pakistan globally and the third major trade partner in the EU.

As the couple prepares to leave in mid-January, they express gratitude for the friendships formed and excitement experienced during their stay. The new Ambassador, a woman, is set to join around the same time, continuing the diplomatic journey. Pakistan will miss Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese and Albana Ferrarese.