An ideal diplomat, Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese is also unbeatable in kitchen

Islamabad: Not only an ideal diplomat, Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese is also unbeatable in the kitchen too.

At a recent special cooking session, Ambassador Ferrarese took center stage, where food enthusiasts from Islamabad and Rawalpindi gathered to indulge in delectable Italian cuisines.

At this culinary event, the highlight was a special cooking session led by Ambassador Ferrarese and his wife Albana Ferrarese. The Italian Ambassador enthusiastically addressed the audience, sharing insights into the annual Italian Food Week, a cherished tradition celebrated with joy each year.

Amidst an atmosphere of culinary excitement, Ambassador Ferrarese spotlighted a notable addition to this year’s festivities – the introduction of a unique and exquisite variety of olive oil.

The cooking showcased during the event was a sensory delight, emphasizing the exceptional qualities of the newly unveiled olive oil. The Ambassador underscored the crucial role of this distinctive oil, infusing each dish with the rich and authentic flavors that define Italian cuisine.

The gastronomic journey not only honored tradition but also introduced an innovative touch, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of Italian culinary excellence.