Italy granted thousands of visas to Pakistanis recently: Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese

Islamabad: Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Andreas Ferrarese, has said that his nation granted visas to more than 15,000 Pakistani citizens in the preceding year, with intentions to surpass this figure in the current year.

In a media interaction, Ambassador Ferrarese disclosed that the Pakistani community in Italy remitted €1 billion to Pakistan in 2022.

Expressing optimism, the Italian Envoy anticipates a further rise in the number of visas granted to Pakistani nationals. He underscored the significance of Pakistan’s vast population of 220 million, emphasizing its substantial market potential for Italian goods.

Ambassador Ferrarese also drew parallels between Italy and Pakistan in facing energy challenges, noting their joint shift towards green energy sources. He highlighted the mutual learning process between the two nations, exchanging experiences to address the shared concern of an energy crisis.

Discussing tourism, Ambassador Ferrarese expressed the joint desire of Italy and Pakistan to foster more frequent travel between their citizens for tourism purposes.

Ambassador Ferrarese’s remarks underscore the deepening relationship between Italy and Pakistan, characterized by enhanced economic collaboration, joint efforts in energy reform, and a shared commitment to boost tourism.

The evolving ties signify a multifaceted engagement between the two nations. Credit goes to Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese for providing these insightful perspectives on the burgeoning connections.