Valletta: Enthusiasts of Chinese culture in Malta can now immerse themselves in the secrets of Hanfu costumes, a style of clothing traditionally worn by the Han people, thanks to a new cultural platform dabbed “Hanfu costume society” that was launched at the China Cultural Center in Malta.

The initiative is expected to further enhance cultural exchanges between China and Malta and showcase the richness of traditional Chinese culture, Yuan Yuan, director of the China Cultural Center, told Xinhua at Friday’s launch event.

Hanfu clothing is renowned for its distinctive design, exquisite craftsmanship, and its profound cultural significance. It has been re-discovered by young Chinese people, with more and more of them opting to wear it.

Yu Cheng, who has lived in Malta for nearly five years, has decided to share her carefully collected more than 40 exquisite Hanfu sets when the China Cultural Center hosts Hanfu-themed activities. On such occasions, participants will have a chance to time-travel by trying on these rare traditional garments.

“This is my opportunity to actively participate in the dissemination of Chinese culture, allowing more people to understand and fall in love with Chinese culture through the allure of traditional Chinese clothing,” Yu, who is responsible for managing the Hanfu society, told Xinhua.

Her passion for Hanfu has led Yu to include styles from the Western Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, and the Ming Dynasty in her collection. About half of her collection is custom-made, with some pieces being made from silk and prepared by people who continue to practice the art of making kesi, a kind of Chinese silk tapestry, and Suzhou embroidery.

Hanfu has already become Yu’s daily attire. She wears various styles of Hanfu when she goes out for a stroll or shopping, inevitably drawing the curiosity of onlookers.

“Gradually, more and more people realize that our traditional Chinese clothing is rich and beautiful. Many people are attracted to it, and I feel very proud,” she said. “I aspire to contribute with my efforts to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese culture.”

The China Cultural Center will take Yu’s initiative to the next level by getting some more Hanfu sets from China, some for exhibition purposes and some for people to try on.