UK: Queen Elizabeth knew end was near, reveals new book

London: In a compelling revelation from royal biographer Robert Hardman’s upcoming book, “The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy,” details emerge about Queen Elizabeth’s final days and the challenges she faced with her health.

The book, set to release on January 18th, delves into the Queen’s awareness of her medical prognosis and her efforts to create lasting memories for her family.

According to extracts obtained by the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth had come to the realization that she wouldn’t reach the remarkable age of 100, similar to her mother, the Queen Mother, who passed away at 101 in 2002.

Hardman’s book unveils that the Queen, aware of her health conditions, was determined to make the most of her final year.

“‘She had come to realize that the medical prognosis meant she was not going to emulate her mother and reach one hundred, so she had been determined to make the most of that year,’” the book reveals.

In an effort to create lasting memories, the Queen ensured that her family gathered over the summer, particularly focusing on the younger members.

With discussions circulating about a potential regency to manage affairs as her health declined, a senior former aide commented on the matter, stating, “With the Queen Mother going on past her 100th birthday, of course, we had to think that the Queen would reach the same age.”