Ambassador Marilina Armellin, first female Italian envoy to Pakistan

Islamabad: Ambassador Marilina Armellin is the first female Italian envoy to Pakistan hailing from a diplomatic background.

Born in 1971 in Conegliano, is also the first woman from Treviso to become the ambassador to Pakistan. She is one of the two daughters of the late Lino Armellin, a prominent politician in the Christian Democracy Party and a long-time president of the Fism in Treviso.

As the first female Italian ambassador to Pakistan, Ambassador Armellin’s appointment in Islamabad is particularly significant, given the country’s focus on women’s issues. A proud 52-year-old, she embarked on her diplomatic journey from Villorba to the global stage.

Ambassador Armellin aims to leverage established bilateral relations and the large Pakistani community in Italy, the largest in the European Union, to enhance the growth of diplomatic ties.

Marilina Armellin’s prestigious international role follows a rich career that seamlessly blended with family life. Married with two children, aged 19 and 18, she emphasized commitment when describing her balancing act in a 2012 interview.

Facing the challenges of juggling work and family, especially in a field where women entered relatively late, Armellin highlighted her dedication to diplomacy and her desire to pursue it since her early days.

Her diplomatic journey took her through various significant positions, including Director General Deputy for Latin American and Caribbean Countries at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her prior roles included being Italy’s ambassador and permanent observer to the Organization of American States in Washington, as well as serving in the Permanent Representation of Italy to the United Nations in Geneva.

Ambassador Armellin has tackled social, migration, and asylum issues, even being elected president of the Group of Governments of the International Labour Organization.

Starting her career as a Farnesina official responsible for protecting Italians abroad and international judicial cooperation, the 52-year-old also led the inter-ministerial task force on international child abductions.

Ambassador Armellin represented Italy at the European Union Council’s consular affairs working group and served as the Consul of Italy in Basel and political advisor at the Italian Embassy in Nairobi.

Reflecting on her journey from the Veneto province, Ambassador Armellin encourages the youth to recognize their impact in a globalized world.

She emphasizes that history is no longer solely shaped by statesmen and politicians but by ordinary people, reinforcing the idea that everyone can make a difference.