Zhao Shiren assures China’s commitment to assist Pakistan in combating environmental contamination

Lahore: Consul General of China in Lahore Zhao Shiren has expressed his country’s commitment to assisting Pakistan in combating environmental contamination.

During his visit to the Planning and Development (P&D) Complex here, he co-chaired a meeting with Iftikhar Ali Sahoo, Chairman of the Punjab P&D Board, bringing together Chinese and Punjab environmental experts.

Various officials, including board members, provincial secretaries from departments like Agriculture, Environment, and Transport, attended the comprehensive meeting. The focus was on presenting the measures taken by the Punjab government to address environmental challenges.

Chairman Iftikhar Sahoo highlighted the special initiatives adopted by the Punjab government to tackle environmental issues.

Emphasizing the strong bond between Pakistan and China, he mentioned the severe environmental challenges faced by Punjab, particularly Lahore, and conveyed their request for support and guidance from the Chinese government.

On this occasion, Consul General Zhao Shiren acknowledged the global concern surrounding environmental contamination. He affirmed the collaborative effort between the two countries to eliminate environmental issues.

Zhao Shiren expressed confidence that the visit of Chinese environmental specialists to Punjab would prove beneficial in effectively addressing this critical problem.

During the meeting, Chinese environmental experts shared their experiences and provided valuable suggestions to mitigate environmental challenges.