CPEC: Yang Yundong highlights significant advancements, near-completion of various high-profile projects

Karachi: Consul General of China in Karachi Yang Yundong has highlighted significant advancements and the near-completion of various high-profile projects set to benefit the people of Pakistan under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Speaking at an event in Karachi, where media persons were being recognized for their contributions, Yang Yundong spoke about China’s accomplishment of high-quality development targets, achieving an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 5.2%.

Addressing the progress in the CPEC, Yang Yundong emphasized significant advancements and the near-completion of various high-profile projects set to benefit the people of Pakistan.

The Consul General expressed China’s resilience in the face of international risks and domestic challenges, citing positive trends and a rebounding economy driven by high-quality development.

Providing statistical data, he mentioned that in 2023, China’s goods trade imports and exports totaled 41.76 trillion Yuan, showcasing a year-on-year growth of 0.2%.

He appreciated the substantial growth in exports of innovative products, such as electric passenger vehicles, lithium batteries, and solar cells, reflecting China’s commitment to high-quality development.

Yang Yundong underscored the confidence of foreign capital and enterprises in China’s innovation resources and business environment, with foreign investment exceeding 1 trillion yuan in the first 11 months of 2023.

The Consul General also discussed the recovery of consumer demand, growth in domestic tourism, and a notable increase in investment in China’s high-tech industries.

Looking forward to 2024, Yang Yundong acknowledged global challenges but expressed confidence in China’s economic resilience, attributing it to the institutional, market, industrial, and talent advantages the country possesses.

He outlined China’s two-step strategic plan, aiming to achieve socialist modernization by 2035 and build the nation into a great modern socialist country.

In recognizing media contributions, certificates were awarded to senior journalists and notable figures in attendance, including Manzar Naqvi, Sarmad Ali, Javed Qureshi, and others. The event served as a platform to celebrate China’s achievements, share future goals, and honor the collaborative efforts of media partners.