Athens: Greece saw a surge in tourist arrivals, reaching 32 million visitors from January to November 2023, according to data from the Bank of Greece released on Monday.

The inbound travel movement surged by 17.3%, totaling 31.97 million travelers compared to 27.25 million in 2022. This surge resulted in a 15.4% rise in travel receipts, reaching €20.1 billion.

Regarding transportation methods, air travel rose by 12.5%, and road border crossings surged by 34.5%.

Travel receipts from EU residents increased by 11%, amounting to €10.9 billion, while receipts from non-EU residents rose by 18.4%, totaling €8.4 billion. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States were major contributors, with receipts from Russia experiencing a 22.8% decline.