TikTok shares election integrity measures on platform ahead of General Election

Islamabad: TikTok on Tuesday shared its approach to upholding and protecting election integrity on its platform ahead of the Pakistan parliamentary elections slated for February 2024.

The initiative underscores TikTok’s commitment to being a responsible and reliable source of information, especially during critical civic events said a news release.

TikTok has robust measures in place to combat misinformation, violence, and hate speech in line with its Community Guidelines, available both in English and Urdu.

The platform is dedicated to removing misleading information about civic processes, including voter registration, candidate eligibility, ballot counting, and election results.

TikTok’s policies strictly prohibit content that intimidates voters, suppresses voting, or incites violence.

Over 40,000 personnel globally, in conjunction with advanced technology, are deployed to ensure user safety on the platform, complemented by collaborations with intelligence firms, industry partners, and civil society organizations.

To help counter misinformation, TikTok works with local and regional fact-checkers to help the platform consistently and accurately remove election misinformation.

Content under review or identified as unsubstantiated is restricted from the For You Feed recommendation, and both viewers and creators are alerted about the potentially misleading nature of such content.

A significant element of TikTok’s strategy is the launch of the Pakistan Election Center on the platform, available both in English and Urdu.

This hub will direct users to authoritative information on the election, including voting procedures and locations. Enhanced by advanced technology and local language support, the platform is poised to ensure a safe environment free from violations of its Community Guidelines.

In line with maintaining an authentic user experience, TikTok also reiterates its policy against political ads.

TikTok has designated policies for accounts belonging to a government, politician, or political party, which remove their ability to give or receive money through advertising, fundraising, or TikTok monetization tools.

TikTok’s efforts in safeguarding the integrity of its platform reflect its mission to inspire creativity and joy among its users.

Recognizing that global events often influence creative expression, TikTok remains dedicated to supporting its community in Pakistan and worldwide.