Chinese Veterinary bio-product manufacturing company to launch lab in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Board of Investment (BoI) and HiTide Biotechnology – a prominent Chinese company specializing in Veterinary bio-product manufacturing –discussed collaboration including launching a laboratory in Pakistan.

An important meeting was held here in Islamabad where Dr Muhammad Sohail Rajput, Secretary of the BoI, hosted a distinguished delegation led by Mr. Lin Xyue, President of Nantong HiTide Biotechnology.

The proposed collaboration includes potential avenues such as establishing a lab in Pakistan, joint ventures, and research and development partnerships.

The Nantong HiTide Biotechnology aims to bring its advanced technology and personalized support to Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sector.

The Board Member of HiTide Biotechnology Chen Shang highlighted the effectiveness and affordability of their vaccines, aiming to enhance animal health for farmers in Pakistan.

The company plans to establish a new facility in Pakistan, focusing on the development and production of high-quality vaccines for cattle, pets, poultry, and other animals. The company will establish its lab in Pakistan and transfer technology.

Nantong Hi Tide Biotechnology established in 2017 by Dr. Lin Xuye, the company stands as a leading private high-tech enterprise, specializing in animal vaccines and adjuvants.

The company’s interest extends to both private and public sectors in Pakistan, aiming to contribute to the country’s livestock industry.

With a commitment to sustainable and healthy development, Nantong HiTide Biotechnology has actively engaged in animal disease surveillance, diagnosis, testing, prevention, and training services.

The meeting, held at Dr. Rajput’s office, delved into potential collaborations between Pakistan and Nantong HiTide Biotechnology. The discussions encompassed various avenues, including the establishment of a laboratory in Pakistan, potential joint ventures, and research partnerships. The primary focus of these deliberations was the development of a foot and mouth disease vaccine.

During the discussions, Mr. Chen Shang, a Board Member of HiTide Biotechnology, underscored the effectiveness and affordability of their vaccines.

He expressed the company’s commitment to contributing to Pakistan’s agriculture and livestock sector. The ambitious plans of HiTide Biotechnology involve establishing a new facility in Pakistan, transferring advanced technology, and emphasizing sustainable and healthy development.

In response, Secretary Rajput voiced strong support for the collaboration, recognizing the challenges faced by Pakistan’s farmers, particularly in the aftermath of last year’s floods and prevalent diseases affecting a significant number of cattle.

He assured full support for the establishment and technology transfer from Nantong HiTide Biotechnology.

At the conclusion of the meeting Secretary Dr Sohail Rajput was extended an invitation to visit China and the company’s facilities.

This invitation is aimed at fostering a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership between Pakistan and Nantong HiTide Biotechnology.

The potential collaboration holds promise for advancements in veterinary biotechnology and addressing critical challenges in animal health within Pakistan.