Pakistan to host more than 80 SCO events by November

Islamabad: Pakistan is set host more than 80 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) related events until November this year, with a focus on diverse aspects of cooperation within the SCO framework.

Altamash Wazir Khan, the Director General SCO at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shared insights into Pakistan’s role as the current chair of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO.

He informed that Pakistan will host more than 80 events until November this year, with a focus on diverse aspects of cooperation within the SCO framework.

Having taken over the chairmanship in October of the previous year, Pakistan has already successfully organized over 20 events within the past two and a half months.

Khan emphasized the country’s intention to continue this momentum by planning an additional 60 events until November, underscoring a commitment to robust engagement and collaboration.

During his attendance at the meeting of the SCO National Coordinators Council in Beijing, Khan disclosed Pakistan’s plans to host significant gatherings, including meetings of commerce ministers and trade ministers from SCO member states in September.

He hinted at a potential meeting of prime ministers from SCO member countries before the conclusion of Pakistan’s chairmanship in November.

About Pakistan’s priorities within the SCO, Khan highlighted economic cooperation, financial collaboration, and humanitarian cooperation as key focal points.

He emphasized the significance of connectivity, not only in terms of infrastructure like roads, railways, and airlines but also in fostering connections among people.

Khan mentioned that Pakistan recently hosted an online conference centered on youth empowerment through the digital economy. The conference aimed to explore the intersection of digital spheres, e-commerce, and avenues for youth development.

About SCO discussions, Khan underscored that the organization predominantly focuses on matters of mutual benefit. With nine current member countries and the potential addition of Belarus in July, the SCO places a primary emphasis on economic development and progress in humanitarian cooperation.

Khan stressed that the SCO tends to steer clear of bilateral issues and maintains its focus on broader, mutually advantageous concerns.

Addressing the progress on a new bank for SCO countries, Khan mentioned that financial experts are actively working on it, with drafts already being exchanged.

He clarified that the upcoming general election in Pakistan would not influence SCO relations, emphasizing that Pakistan engages with the SCO as a state, and the organization avoids delving into bilateral issues.

Khan also provided a positive update on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), describing it as a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that is progressing well.