Bilawal Bhutto pledges to be bulwark against wave of terrorism

Khuzdar: Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has deplored the wave of terrorism in Balochistan just ahead of election.

“The PPP is on the receiving end of terrorism but the miscreants are sadly mistaken if they think I will retreat,” thundered Bilawal.

Speaking to a gathering in Khuzdar where he showed up as part of electioneering, Bilawal claimed that the PPP was the target of some elements who didn’t want the party to form government in Balochistan. Their conspiracies would be foiled, he added.

He said: “My brothers and sisters in Balochistan are in a state of agony. I understand the problems afflicting the Baloch and these people believe that the PPP can safeguard their rights.”

He said he would stand tall against terrorists and help resolve the issue of enforced disappearances. The people knew, he said, that the PPP was the only party which did not succumb to pressure.

Bilawal said had Asif Zardari’s initiatives (as president) of 18th amendment and NFC award fully implemented, Balochistan would have been purged of conspiracies now.

He reiterated that miscreants had targeted PPP workers in several parts of Balochistan but the diehard supporters were more resolute and determined than they were before. “The PPP is the party of martyrs and courageous people,” he said.

He assured the supporters that Feb 8 would see “shower of arrows” – a reference to public backing for the party. He said he would become the voice of the masses if he was given a chance to make it to parliament.