€100 million green hydrogen refuelling station coming to Italy

Rome: NatPower H, a company of the NatPower group, has announced a €100 million ($108 million) green hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for recreational boating in Italy, the first of its kind in the nation.

This venture envisions the establishment of at least 100 hydrogen refuelling stations over the next six years, with the intention of extending the model to regions beyond the Mediterranean Sea.

Scheduled to inaugurate its initial installation by the summer of 2024, the project aims to position sustainable energy hubs within major Italian marinas. The objective is to create conducive conditions for the development and utilisation of hydrogen-powered boats, thereby contributing to a greener maritime landscape.

To enhance the project’s environmental impact and value, NatPower H has entered into a strategic partnership with Zaha Hadid Architects. The architectural firm will provide sustainable designs, aligning with the demand for simple, eco-friendly, innovative, and low-tech facilities.

NatPower H emphasizes the use of locally sourced materials such as sand and soil, along with low-carbon concrete, to not only reduce the ecological footprint but also enable the creation of organic forms that harmonise with the environment.

Employing innovative techniques in automatic material placement, the stations are designed to be fully recyclable, utilising unreinforced, dry-assembled masonry and eliminating the need for carpentry during construction.

“Strengthened by a pipeline of renewables projects that already exceeds 23 gigawatt (GW), we have decided to create NatPowerH, the first global operator for the production, storage and supply of green hydrogen, to create the first hydrogen supply infrastructure for pleasure boating in the world,” commented Fabrizio Zago, Group CEO, NatPower.

“We believe that hydrogen represents one of the most effective solutions to boost the energy transition of the entire pleasure boating and yachting sector.

“In particular, the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, through fuel cells and electric motors, is proving to be one of the most promising options, offering optimal performance while respecting the environment.”