Pakistan, China reiterate shared dedication towards promoting a tranquil and stable Afghanistan

Islamabad: Pakistan and China reiterated the shared dedication towards promoting a tranquil and stable Afghanistan.

During a diplomatic meeting in Islamabad, Additional Foreign Secretary Ambassador Rahim Hayat Qureshi and Chinese Special Envoy Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong discussions highlighted the imperative for heightened coordination to fortify regional stability, underscoring the pivotal role played by Afghanistan’s neighboring nations in contributing to a serene, stable, and flourishing region.

After China’s acceptance of a full-time Ambassador of Afghanistan under the interim Afghan government, a visit from President Xi Jinping’s close aide to Islamabad was aimed at discussing the matter with close ally Pakistan.

In the aftermath of this development, Chinese Special Envoy Yue Xiaoyoung engaged in discussions with Pakistani authorities, including Foreign Secretary Cyrus Qazi and Additional Foreign Secretary Rahim Hayat Qureshi.

The joint statement from the Foreign Office reiterated their commitment to a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, emphasizing the necessity for enhanced coordination for regional stability.

It also underscored the crucial role of neighboring countries in fostering a peaceful, stable, and prosperous region.

In the broader context, major players, including the US, seem to be adopting a pragmatic approach based on strategic interests.