Islamabad: General elections are being held in Pakistan today (Thursday) to elect the new national and provincial assemblies.

Election campaigns by Pakistan’s political parties and independent candidates concluded across the country at the stroke of on Tuesday.

The government said that Pakistan’s election regulator has completed all arrangements to hold polls nationwide, which include establishing over 90,600 polling stations in all four provinces and the deployment of around 650,000 security personnel.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) issued an advisory warning candidates and political parties against organizing rallies, public meetings or corner meetings to canvass for votes.

The regulator said that from February 7 till polling day, election campaigns, adver­ti­se­m­ents and written mat­erials on electronic and print media in support of or in opposition to a particular political party or candidate, would not be deemed permissible.

“Legal action will be taken against any person who violates the above-mentioned provision [Section 182, Elections Act 2017] of the law,” the ECP said.

The election regulator reminded media organizations that they cannot run poll surveys till the electoral exercise is not completed. However, it said media can broadcast poll results one hour after voting concludes, provided they clarify that the results are unofficial and inconclusive.

Out of 90,675 total polling stations across Pakistan, the government has declared 44,026 as “normal” in terms of security, while over 29,000 polling stations were classified sensitive, with CCTV cameras installed at these locations.