Pakistani man sentenced for living in the UK under false identity for two decades

London: Abadat Ali, a 59-year-old man from Pakistan, was handed a 15-month prison sentence at Leeds Crown Court for securing his stay in the UK under deceptive circumstances. The court ruled that Ali could face deportation following his jail term. The case took a twist when Ali feigned mental illness in a bid to avert justice, but his act was seen through by the court.

Investigations revealed that Ali had been residing in the UK under a false identity for almost 20 years. He first entered the country on temporary visitor visas in the early 2000s. His prolonged stay, however, was facilitated by an individual claiming to be a Home Office official. This ‘agent’ offered him permanent residence in exchange for a hefty fee.

Ali presented his false residence arrangement as a case of exploitation, but Judge Ray Singh dismissed this claim. He stated that Ali’s actions were driven by personal gain rather than being a victim. In fact, Ali had made numerous attempts to prolong his stay in the UK. One such attempt was an unsuccessful asylum application in 2013 under the alias ‘Jamil Ahmed’.

Ali’s false identity came under scrutiny leading to his arrest in August 2022. Despite this, he persisted in claiming that his fraudulent documents were valid. Even in the face of mounting evidence against him, Ali continued his deceit. He ultimately pleaded guilty to two counts of deception, cementing his fate.