Italy: Contribution to the nascent EU operation aspides

Rome: The Italian Government has confirmed that it will participate to Operation Aspides with the Caio Dulio (D 554) guided missile destroyer. Italy will assume the role of Force Commander of the European multi-national operation currently under preparation.

“We will contribute to the under preparation EU mission to protect the vital maritime traffics for national and European economy with the Caio Duilio guided missile destroyer and Italy is expected to provide the force commander of the multi-national EU operation”, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Antonio Tajani told media accompanied by Admiral Aurelio De Carolis head of the Italian Fleet Command, on board the Vulcano Logistic Support Ship (LSS) in the port of La Spezia.

The ship has arrived there on the same day with Palestine’s minors who will be threated at children hospitals in Italy, alongside their accompaniers. The Italian Navy’s Vulcano LSS was arriving from Egyptian port of Al-Arish where the ship was moored since December 3 with an enlarged national joint armed forces medical team supported by Francesca Rava foundation and Qatar medical personnel to take care of Palestine’s civilians mostly minors thanks to the onboard Role 3 Level 3 medical facilities.

The Caio Dulio guided missile destroyer quietly left La Spezia naval base on 28 January and has reached the theatre of operations where it is operating in associated support of EUNAVFOR Operation Atalanta as remarked by the same mission headquarters X social media on 5 February which provided the news of its arrival in the area, and “its contribution to provide maritime security in the region.”

The Italian Navy destroyer with on board an helicopter alongside diving and San Marco marine brigade detachments, Naval News understood, will operate in associated support of Operation Atalanta alongside the same service’s Martinengo Bergamini-class FREMM frigate which has joined the mission on 9 January replacing the same-class Fasan frigate, guaranteeing better situational awareness and providing an umbrella of protection to the Italian merchant shipping and to that of direct national interest, under the Italy’s command as part of a national operation already authorized by the Parliament. These activities will be conducted until the EU Foreign Affairs council planned for 19 February won’t approve the Aspides operation and the Italian Parliament will then give the green light to the Italian participation. The Caio Dulio is expected to embark the Force Commander and its international staff based on the multi-national participation to the operation.