Hyderabad – Pakistan Peoples Party leader Shazia Atta Marri has expressed hope that the PPP would form a Government in the centre and is already in a position to form a Government in Sindh.

Talking to Media here on Saturday She said that speculation about an alliance with any Party was base­less as election results are not yet completed and no decision has been taken about the future of Indepen­dent candidates. She said that the Pakistan Peoples Party’s central ex­ecutive Committee meeting is to be held this week in which we consult on the Party’s forum and the deci­sion to be made in this regard would be communicated to the media. She refuted the impression that the Paki­stan People’s Party has held an offi­cial meeting with PML-N regarding the formation of the Government.

Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh Pres­ident Nisar Khuhro has said that the PPP is going to form the government for the fourth time in the province and the mandate of other parties will be respected. He made these remarks during an event in Larkana where he was congratulated by PS15 dignitaries and party leaders for winning the election.

Khuhro stressed that the People’s Party’s success in Sindh reflects the trust placed in it by the people, reaf­firming the party’s commitment to upholding that trust. Despite secur­ing a majority in Sindh, he pledged to honor the mandates of other parties.

Regarding the party’s agenda, Khuhro highlighted that the People’s Party will focus on implementing Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s manifesto. This includes expanding the Benazir Income Support Program to include more households in Sindh, improving healthcare, education, and infrastructure, increasing stipends, and initiating a book exchange pro­gram up to the Union Council level.

Khuhro also outlined plans to ad­dress unemployment by creating new job opportunities and provid­ing allowances to unemployed youth. Additionally, he expressed the par­ty’s desire to establish a National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) in every district of Sindh, ensuring access to cardiac care across the region.