Greece to introduce Lenten Basket as of March 13

Athens: The Lenten Basket – with lower prices of goods consumed during the period of Lent – will be available from Wednesday, March 13 until May 4, according to the ministerial decision signed on Tuesday by Development Minister Kostas Skrekas.

The Lenten Basket is a special extension of the Household Basket that is already in effect, as it includes three additional food categories in order for every household to have access to all the necessities for Lent at affordable prices.

The three categories of food include: halva, fasting dips (without meat and dairy ingredients) and frozen seafood (at least two products).

Skrekas said: “We want every household to have access to quality food at lower prices on these Holy Days. The Lenten Basket, which is an extension of the Household Basket, includes all the necessary food for every household ahead of the 40-day fast. The government will continue to take all the necessary measures to actively support all the consumers.”