Syed Hasnain Ahmad Jilani’s Groundbreaking Research Explores Uncharted Territory: “Bhands Tradition in Pakistani Punjab Mirrors Shakespearean Comedy”.

Islamabad:Assistant Professor Syed Hasnain Ahmad Jilani, renowned in the field of teaching English Literature and Creative Writing at Govt.Alamdar Hussain Graduate College Multan, had announced the publication of his groundbreaking research paper, “The Bhand Tradition in Shakespearean Comedy: Twelfth Night and As You Like It.” This unique study explores the unexpected parallels between traditional Punjabi stage comedians (Bhands) and Shakespearean Clowns.

“This research challenges conventional boundaries, unveiling a cross-cultural harmony between the traditional Bhands of Pakistani and Indian Punjab and the iconic Shakespearean Clowns. It’s a fascinating exploration of theatrical humor,” says Professor Jilani.

“The extemporaneous nature of Bhands on the Punjabi stage, juxtaposed with the scripted performances of Shakespearean clowns, adds a unique dimension to our understanding of comedic traditions,” adds Professor Jilani.

Assistant Professor Syed Hasnain Ahmad Jilani, an esteemed scholar in English
Literature and Creative Writing, has dedicated his research to Amanullah Khan (Late), the most intelligent stage comedians of sub-continent. This study, conducted under the theoretical framework of Subjective Readers Response Theory, focuses on Touchstones and Feste in “As You Like It” and “Twelfth Night,” respectively.

This groundbreaking research not only highlights the shared comedic elements but also underscores the prominence of Bhands as spontaneous performers, contrasting with the scripted nature of Shakespearean clowns. Professor Jilani invites scholars, theatre enthusiasts, and the general public to delve into this unique intersection of cultural expressions.