UK-Ireland film cinema release dates: latest updates for 2024

Screen is listing the 2024 release dates for films in the UK and Ireland in the calendar below.

For distributors who wish to add/amend a date on the calendar, please get in touch with Screen here. Screen is also
running a calendar for festival and market dates throughout 2024 here.

March 9
La Forza Del Destino – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)
March 15
Banel & Adama (We Are Parable), Drive-Away Dolls (Universal), Monster (Picturehouse), The New Boy
(Signature), Phantom Parrot (Brass Mill), Janey (Cosmic Cat), Yodha (Moviegoers), Fight Club (Park Circus)
March 20
Christspiracy (Trafalgar)
March 21
The Motive And The Cue (National Theatre)
March 22
The Persian Version (Sony), Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (Sony), The Delinquents (Mubi), Swatantra Veer
Savarkar (Zee), Immaculate (Black Bear), Baltimore (Icon), Late Night With The Devil (Vertigo), Robot Dreams
(Curzon), After Hours (Park Circus)
March 23
Romeo Et Juliette – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar), Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom (Anime)
March 26
Madama Butterfly – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)
March 27
Hate To Love: Nickelback (Trafalgar), Mothers’ Instinct (Studiocanal)
March 28
Kung Fu Panda 4 (Universal)
March 29
The Sweet East (Utopia), Disco Boy (Conic), Opus (Modern), Drift (MetFilm), Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire
(Warner Bros), The Origin Of Evil (Blue Finch), Silver Haze (BFI), The Lavender Hill Mob (Studiocanal), Mary
Poppins (Park Circus), Little Eggs: A Frozen Adventure (Miracle/Dazzler), Cidade Rabat (ICA), Bleeding Love
April 5
Seize Them! (EFD), The Trouble With Jessica (Parkland), Luca (Disney), On The Waterfront (Park Circus), If Only
I Could Hibernate (Conic), Monkey Man (Universal), Io Capitano (Altitude), The First Omen (Disney) Evil Does
Not Exist (Modern)
April 9
Macmillan Triple – ROH, London 2024 (ROH), Maidaan (Zee)
April 10
Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (Yash Raj)
April 12
Opponent (MetFilm), Back To Black (Studiocanal), Close Your Eyes (New Wave), Civil War (EFD), Ratcatcher
(Park Circus), The Teacher’s Lounge (Curzon)
April 16
Exhibition On Screen: John Singer Sargent 2024 (Seventh Art)
April 18
American In Paris – The Musical (CinemaLive)
April 19
Swede Caroline (Belstone), The Book Of Clarence (Sony), Jeanne Du Barry (Miracle/Wildcard/IN.2 Distribution),
Butterfly Tale (Signature), Abigail (Universal), Mr. & Mrs. Mahi (Zee), All You Need Is Death (Blue Finch),
Fantastic Machine (Picturehouse), Sometimes I Think About Dying (Vertigo), I Could Never Go Vegan
April 20
La Rondine – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)
April 23
Nye (National Theatre)
April 24
Swan Lake – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)
April 26
Challengers (Warner Bros), Ordinary Angels (Sony), Stephen (Modern), That They May Face The Rising Sun
(Conic), I.S.S. (Universal), On Resistance Street (MusicFilmNetwork), The American Society Of Magical Negroes
(Universal), Scarygirl (Vertigo), Kidnapped (Curzon), Elaha (606)
May 1
Carmen – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)
the fall guy
May 2
The Fall Guy (Universal)
May 3
Lassie (Kaleidoscope), Super Wings (Miracle/Dazzler), Tiger Stripes (Modern), Much Ado About Dying (Cosmic
Cat), Love Lies Bleeding (Lionsgate), Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry (New Wave), Star Wars: Episode I – The
Phantom Menace (Disney), Sting (Studiocanal)
May 10
Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes (Disney), Hoard (Vertigo), Made In England: The Films Of Powell &
Pressburger (Altitude), Tarot (Sony)
May 11
Madama Butterfly – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)
May 16
42nd Street – The Musical (CinemaLive)
May 17
Nezouh (Modern), Rome, Open City (BFI), The Strangers: Chapter 1 (Lionsgate), Two Tickets To Greece
(Parkland), IF (Paramount), Cuckoo (Universal), Radical (Altitude)
May 22
The Winter’s Tale – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)
May 24
Furiosa (Warner Bros), The Garfield Movie (Sony), Slow (Conic)
May 30
Message In A Bottle – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)
May 31
Little Monsters (Miracle/Dazzler), Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Warner Bros), Young Woman And
The Sea (Disney), The Beast (Vertigo)
June 4
Exhibition On Screen: My National Gallery 2024 (Seventh Art)
June 7
Rosalie (Picturehouse), The Crow (EFD), The Watchers (Warner Bros)
June 11
Andrea Chenier – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)
June 14
Inside Out 2 (Disney), Wilding (MetFilm)
June 21
Green Border (Modern), Four Little Adults (Modern), Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us (Sony), The Bikeriders
June 28
A Quiet Place: Day One (Paramount), Inspector Sun and the Case of the Black Widow (Miracle/Dazzler)
July 4
Bonnie & Clyde The Musical (Graft)
July 5
Kill (Lionsgate), Orlando, My Political Biography (Picturehouse), Something In The Water (Vertigo)
July 12
Despicable Me 4 (Universal)
July 19
Twisters (Warner Bros), Shayda (Vertigo)
July 26
Noah’s Ark (Miracle/Dazzler), About Dry Grasses (Picturehouse), Deadpool & Wolverine (Disney)
August 2
Harold And The Purple Crayon (Sony), Trap (Warner Bros)
August 9
Borderlands (Lionsgate)
August 16
Boonie Bears: Time Twist (Miracle/Dazzler), Alien: Romulus (Disney)
August 23
The Goldman Case (MetFilm), Blink Twice (Warner Bros)
August 30
Kraven The Hunter (Sony)
September 6
Beetlejuice 2 (Warner Bros), Dolphin Boy (Miracle/Dazzler)
September 13
Speak No Evil (Universal)
September 27
Saw XI (Lionsgate)
October 4
Joker: Folie A Deux (Warner Bros), Sylvanian Families The Movie (Miracle/Dazzler)
October 11
Transformers One (Paramount)
October 18
The Wild Robot (Universal)
October 25
Rebellious (Miracle/Dazzler), Wolf Man (Universal)
November 8
Paddington In Peru (Studiocanal), The Amateur (Disney)
November 15
Alto Knights (Warner Bros), Red One (Warner Bros)
November 29
Wicked (Universal), Moana 2 (Disney)
December 6
Andre Rieu’s Christmas Concert: Gold And Silver (Piece Of Magic)
December 13
Lord Of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim (Warner Bros), Karate Kid (Sony)
December 20
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Paramount), Mufasa: The Lion King (Disney)
December 26
Goldbeak (Miracle/Dazzler)