Hurt over grandkids not visiting often, UK man leaves them only £50

London: A judge in Britain has ruled that a 91-year-old former soldier was “entitled” to leave only 50 pounds each for his five grandchildren out of a 500,000 pound fortune, as he was “hurt” that they didn’t visit him often.

A Daily Mail report has identified the man as Frederick Ward Sr., who died in 2020.

He sparked a family feud after he left almost all of his 500,000-pound will, including his apartment worth 450,000, to two of his children.

The man’s five grandchildren are daughters of his son Fred Jr, who died in 2015.

Frederick Ward allegedly told his lawyers that he had discounted his late son’s children as they did not visit him while he was hospitalised three times with a lung condition.

The Daily Mail report said the family fell apart after Fred Jr’s death.

Upon learning of their grandfather’s decision, the five sisters filed a lawsuit, claiming they were entitled to their late father’s “one-third share of their grandfather’s money”, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

They also accused their aunt and uncle had “unduly influenced” their grandfather into deciding to discount them from the will.

While dismissing their lawsuit, the High Court judge ruled that Frederick Ward was “entirely rational” in giving his five grandchildren only 50 pounds as they had kept “very limited contact” with their “disappointed” grandfather.

The judge also said that the sisters’ accusation against their uncle and aunt “does not come close to persuading me… that the will was procured by undue influence”.

The Daily Mail report also said that when their grandfather’s will was read out by their uncle, a “bitter shouting match broke out” between the five sisters.

A recording of the incident was played in court during the hearing.