Islamabad: The late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s daughter, Aseefa Bhutto, will contest the by-election from National Assembly Constituency NA-207, Nawabshah.

The NA-207, Nawabshah, seat was vacated by PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, after taking oath as country’s president for the second time in history.

Sources privy to the development said the constituency for Aseefa Bhutto was selected after consultation with the family. Asifa Bhutto Zardari will be the PPP’s candidate for the by-polls on the NA-207 seat.

Earlier it was reported that Aseefa Bhutto Zardari would likely contest a by-election on NA-196, a seat vacated by her brother Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

In a historic decision, President Asif Zardari has announced the formal recognition of Aseefa Bhutto as the First Lady of the country, ARY News reported citing well-informed sources.

This landmark move elevates Aseefa Bhutto to the prestigious position of First Lady, marking a significant chapter in the nation’s political history.

Sources claimed that President Zardari will declare Aseefa Bhutto as the first lady of Pakistan.