Italy’s Ambassador Marilina Armellin participates in ‘Olive Culture’ project steering committee meeting

Islamabad: The fourth steering committee meeting of the ongoing project “OliveCulture,” supported by the Italian government, took place at the Ministry of Food Security on Thursday.

Chaired by Federal Secretary for Food Security and Research, Retired Captain Muhammad Asif, the meeting included the participation of Dr. Syed Wasim ul Hasan, Managing Director of Pakistan Oilseeds Development.

Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Marilina Armellin also joined the gathering, demonstrating Italy’s continued support and collaboration for the olive cultivation projects in Pakistan.

During the meeting, Dr. Costantino Parma, an international expert, and Dr. Marco Marchetti, the International Project Coordinator, elaborated on the progress of the olive culture project.

The Italian Ambassador reaffirmed Italy’s commitment to supporting and collaborating on olive cultivation projects, emphasizing its importance for Pakistan’s agriculture sector, according to Captain Muhammad Asif, Federal Secretary for Food Security.

Federal Secretary Asif highlighted the vital role of agriculture in Pakistan’s economy, stressing the need for practical and effective measures for agricultural development.

Expressing determination to boost olive cultivation in Pakistan, Secretary Asif stated that increasing olive production would be beneficial for both the country’s economy and the environment.

The meeting concluded with a positive outlook on enhancing olive production in Pakistan and the mutual benefits it would bring to the economy and the environment, as reiterated by Captain Muhammad Asif, Federal Secretary for Food Securit