Beijing: In a significant development, Fengyun-4B (FY-4B), one of China’s meteorological satellites, has succeeded Fengyun-4A (FY-4A) and resumed its operations on March 5 after almost a month of drift and adjustment, according to China Meteorological Administration (CMA). FY-4B started drifting from 133 degrees east longitude on February 1, and arrived at the geostationary orbit at 105 degrees east longitude on February 19. The scope monitored by FY-4B has moved further westward after its orbit was adjusted, benefiting more Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries.

Zheng Xudong, an official with National Satellite Meteorological Centre, told China Economic Net (CEN) reporter that this adjustment was made as per the continuity of observations at the new orbital position. With FY-4B’s superior technical capabilities, it is set to play a pivotal role in disaster weather monitoring and early warning, enhancing BRI countries’ resilience against natural calamities. As FY-4B steps into its new role, FY-4A has begun its drift from 105 degrees east longitude to 86.5 degrees east. In the coming days, it will continue to serve in a reduced capacity, maximizing its remaining operational potential to support ongoing observations and services. Up to now, China’s meteorological satellites have provided weather services to 129 countries and regions around the world.