Prince Harry receives calls to return to UK amid growing royal crisis

London: King Charles, who has taken a break from public duties as he undergoes treatment for cancer, will reportedly welcome back his estranged son Prince Harry into the royal fold amid ongoing crisis.

The Duke of Sussex has been urged to take a major step to ease the suffering of his royal relatives at their difficult time.

Harry has reportedly received calls from fans and friends to return to the royal family to be with his father and bother before it’s too late.

One passionate caller on Jeremy Vine thinks everyone should “mind their own business” and Harry should be “welcomed back” into the royal family.

They were discussing the Duke’s next return to the UK on Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 on Friday, and discussions became heated on whether Harry should be welcomed back into the royal fold.

Caller, Judy, from Birmingham claims “family is family. Everyone should mind their own business in the country. You don’t know what’s happened in that family. Just welcome him back with open arms,” she told the TV presenter.

Taking to Jeremy she said: “You don’t know what Harry wants. I don’t know what Harry wants. They should say to him, if you want to come home, come home.”
Judy also expressed her thoughts on the family needing “all the help they can get”.

It comes as the royal family is thin on the ground with senior working royals attending engagements, with King Charles and Princess Kate out of action. King Charles has taken a break from public duties, but is continuing with behind-the-scenes work on his red boxes of state papers and holding some in-person meetings.

Princess Kate is also out of action as she rests from her abdominal surgery and Kensington Palace stated she would return to public duties after Easter.

The Princess of Wales does not alone run the affairs of the monarchy as is facing backlash and pressure to clear the air about her wife Princess’ Kate’s health. So it’s right time for Harry to take the flight for the UK.