UK-Pakistan Chamber for exploring untapped trade potential

Lahore: UK-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Vice President Ishtiaq Ahmad on Sunday emphasized the need to explore the untapped trade potential among United Kingdom Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

He was speaking at a reception hosted by him in honour of newly appointed honorary consul of Kyrgyzstan Meher Kashif Younis.

He highlighted the promising opportunities for trilateral cooperation and economic collaboration among three countries, which offer attractive investment climate with potential agriculture, energy, tourism sectors, infrastructure development, exchange of educational deliberations and cross-border investments, can stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and foster innovation.

Ishtiaq Ahmad said that by seizing the untapped opportunities in trade, investment, and cultural exchange, all three states can embark on a path of mutual prosperity and development. “It is imperative for policymakers, business leaders, and stakeholders

to work together in realizing the shared vision of a stronger and more dynamic partnership,” he concluded.

On this occasion, Meher Kashif Younis said that the UK, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan share a history of diplomatic relations and have been maintaining cordial ties over the years, however, there remains significant untapped potential in various sectors including trade, investment, and cultural exchange. “I believe that by leveraging these opportunities, we can benefit immensely and strengthen our mutual relations as the three countries possess complementary economies with diverse goods and services to offer. By fostering trade

partnerships and eliminating trade barriers, we can boost our economies and create new avenues for business growth,” he argued.

He added that cultural exchange and people-to-people contacts are also vital for strengthening the bond between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.