Nomination papers scrutiny for Senate elections set for Tuesday

Islamabad: The scrutiny of nomination papers for the eagerly anticipated Senate elections, encompassing forty-eight vacant seats, is scheduled to take place this Tuesday, March 19.

As per the electoral schedule, the revised list of candidates vying for these seats will be unveiled on March 26. Candidates will have until March 27 to withdraw their nomination papers.

In the federal capital, members of the National Assembly will exercise their voting rights to elect Senate members, including one for a general seat and one for technocrats, including Ulema.

Meanwhile, members of the four provincial assemblies will play a pivotal role in determining the Senate composition. They will elect senators for seven general seats, two women seats, and two seats designated for technocrats, including Ulema, from each province. Additionally, one seat each for minorities from both Punjab and Sindh provinces will be filled.