TDAP hosts distinguished Chinese delegation, keen interest expressed to explore investment opportunities

Karachi: The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) hosted a distinguished Chinese delegation to Pakistan from March 15 to March 18.

Led by Pang Chi, Chairman, and Ms. Hu Yu, Legal Representative of Hunan Yuzhen food Co. Ltd, China, the delegation’s visit aims to explore avenues for enhancing bilateral trade relations between Pakistan and China, said an official TDAP statement issued here on Monday afternoon.

During their stay, the delegation engaged in constructive meetings and discussions with key stakeholders in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

TDAP played a pivotal role in organizing these meetings, ensuring that the delegation had the opportunity to interact with leading exporters and industry players.

The highlight of the visit included productive sessions with prominent entities such as The Fauji Meat Limited and members of The Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan.

These meetings provided valuable insights into the quality and variety of meat and rice products available in Pakistan, aligning perfectly with the delegation’s interests in importing these commodities.

Furthermore, the delegation expressed keen interest in exploring investment opportunities and forming joint ventures (JVs) with Pakistani companies. TDAP facilitated these discussions, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and mutual benefit.

Pang Chi, Chairman of the delegation, commended the efforts of TDAP in orchestrating a seamless and productive visit.

He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in strengthening trade ties between the two nations and expressed optimism about the prospects of bilateral cooperation.

Ms. Hu Yu, Legal Representative of Hunan Yuzhen Food Co. Ltd, lauded the hospitality extended by Pakistani counterparts and expressed confidence in the potential for fruitful partnerships in the fields of agriculture and trade.

TDAP remains committed to fostering closer economic relations between Pakistan and China, and endeavors to continue facilitating such meaningful exchanges in the future.