Irish Residents In Portugal Up 416% In 10 Years

Lisbon: While the increase in Irish holidaymakers in Portugal has shown impressive growth, the number of those choosing to live there permanently has soared further.

The Portuguese border and immigration authority (formerly known as SEF, now renamed AIMA) reports that there were just 805 Irish citizens living in Portugal in 2013. By 2022, that number had grown by more than 416%, to 4,159 Irish citizens now calling Portugal home.

One of those who has chosen to make Portugal his home is DDM & Reserva da Luz Chairman Gerry Fagan. The Drogheda-born Irishman has spent years developing luxury real estate and golf resorts in Portugal and is now encouraging others to follow the same path.

“Portugal – in particular the Algarve – is an excellent place to live, work and play. The climate encourages a healthy, active lifestyle with plenty of fresh air, while the local gastronomy is superb. Towards the western end of the Algarve, there is an abundance of nature to enjoy, with everything from cloud-topped mountains to stunning warm beaches. Portugal also provides a welcoming business environment for those seeking to flex their entrepreneurial spirit,” said Gerry Fagan.

Ireland’s rapid increase in interest in Portugal is something that Christina Hippisley, General Manager of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, has witnessed in her role over the past decade.

“As more Irish visitors have discovered Portugal over the past decade, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand from those seeking to live and work there. This appetite is driving demand for properties up and down the country, particularly in major cities such as Lisbon and Porto and in the sun-blessed southern Algarve region.”
For those interested to make the move to Portugal, the free-to-attend Moving to Portugal Show, organised by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, is the ideal resource for finding out about properties for sale, and the legal, tax and financial implications of moving there or buying a second home there.

Taking place at Dublin’s Herbert Park Hotel in Ballsbridge from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm on 18th April 2024, the show will feature seminars and presentations from expert speakers, covering all aspects of moving from Ireland to Portugal.