EU Parliament Vice-President Barley: Putin is trying to influence EU elections

Following revelations about the Voice of Europe propaganda network, there are growing concerns about Russia’s influence.

Berlin – The Vice-President of the EU Parliament, Katarina Barley, has reacted with alarm to the latest reports of Russian influence in Europe. The German politician warned in an interview that it is in the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin to undermine the European elections.

On Wednesday, the Czech secret service uncovered a propaganda network financed by Moscow that was part of a Russian influence operation. It is said to have used the Voice of Europe media site to try to stir up sentiment against support for Ukraine in its war of defence against Russia.

The Czech government subsequently imposed sanctions on the operators of the website and on the oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, who is considered to be an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Searches were previously also carried out in Poland in connection with the exposure of a pro-Russian network.