CM Sindh, Finance Minister satisfied with investments from China in Pakistan

Karachi: Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah and Pakistani Federal Minister for Finance Muhammad Aurangzeb have expressed satisfaction with the investments from China in Pakistan.

In a meeting here, the two agreed to collaborate in attracting foreign investments, particularly from China, and boosting exports.

They also vowed to attract more investments from China and other countries to strengthen the economic position.

This collaboration aims to enhance the financial stability of the province and the country as a whole.

China has invested billions of dollars in Pakistan to boost the Pakistani economy.

During the meeting, CM Shah highlighted that the Sindh government had consistently paid its electricity bills on time to support economy.

Regarding any outstanding bills, the CM mentioned that the federal government should have brought such issues to their attention instead of making deductions at the source.

On this occasion, he Federal Finance Minister assured the CM of resolving the at-source deduction issue amicably.

The two also discussed the recent increase in industrial gas prices, which has caused dismay among industrialists.

The Federal Finance Minister acknowledged the concerns raised by industrialists during his meetings with them.

Consequently, both officials agreed to address the matter with the federal minister for petroleum to seek a resolution.

During the meeting, it was noted that the Sindh government has not received any new schemes under the federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the past eight years.

In contrast, other provinces have been allocated new schemes in the federal PSDP.

Aurangzeb and Shah agreed to discuss this issue with the federal minister for planning & Development.

They agreed on the importance of collaboration between the federal and provincial governments to enhance the agriculture sector.

They emphasized the potential for cultivating export-quality crops, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products, which can be exported to earn foreign exchange.

The CM informed the federal finance minister about efforts to introduce new technologies for improving crop yields and ensuring the availability of certified seeds in the market.

Regarding the reconstruction of flood-devastated infrastructure, the CM informed the federal finance minister about ongoing efforts to reconstruct houses, school buildings, and roads.

While donor agencies have extended assistance for this reconstruction, the pledged funds from the international community have not been fully received.In conclusion, both the chief minister and the federal minister agreed to simplify and automate investment procedures to attract foreign investments, including those from China.

The federal finance minister commended the Sindh government’s efforts in establishing a successful Public Private Partnership unit, recognizing the positive impact on the public and private sectors. The CM expressed gratitude to the federal minister for his visit and support.