Pakistan to ensure all Chinse nationals work safely, Interior Minister tells Consul General Zhao Shireen

Lahore, April 28: Pakistani Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has assured that Pakistan will ensure that all the Chinse nationals in the country work safely.

He gave this assurance during a meeting with Chinse Consul General Zhao Shireen here.

The Interior Minister visited the Consulate General in Lahore and held a meeting with the Chinse diplomat.

Chinese Consul General Zhao Shiren extended a cordial reception to Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi upon his arrival at the Consulate.

The both sides discussed the matters of mutual interests and the augmentation of bilateral cooperation. During the discussion, Minister Mohsin Naqvi provided a detailed overview to the Chinese diplomat regarding the implemented security measures aimed at safeguarding Chinese citizens.

“The protection of Chinese nationals residing in Pakistan is a paramount national responsibility,” said the minister, according to an official statement.

He underscored that all pertinent authorities were duly directed in adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) to uphold the security of Chinese nationals.

Furthermore, Naqvi reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to thwart any machinations aimed at jeopardizing the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China. “We are resolute in leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of our Chinese brethren,” Naqvi pledged.

Responding to Naqvi’s assurances, Chinese Consul General Zhao Shiren remarked, “China and Pakistan share a steadfast friendship, enduring through all seasons,”.

He expressed satisfaction in witnessing the steady strengthening of mutual trust between the two nations with each passing day.