Exploring the depths of parapsychology: A literary and academic symposium at Hafiz Hayat Campus

Gujrat: A significant scholarly discourse titled “Parapsychology: A Scientific Journey” unfolded at Hafiz Hayat Campus, hosted by the Quaida-e-Azam Library of Gujarat University.

The event, spearheaded by teacher’s trainer and a member of the Neutral Thinking School of Sufi order Silsla Azeemia, Tayyaba Sadaf Azeemi, delved into the realms of parapsychology, drawing insights from the works of Khawja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

Graced by Mrs. Fauzia Mushahid Anwar as the chief guest, the symposium witnessed the esteemed presence of Dean Professor Dr. Faisal Mehmood Mirza and Librarian Rameeza Mushtaq as guests of honor. Dr. Rukhsana Riaz, Coordinator of the Readers Club, orchestrated the event seamlessly.

During her presentation, Tayyaba Sadaf Azimi emphasized the exploration of the origins of thought as central to parapsychology, asserting that the material world merely scratches the surface of human imagination. She underscored the potential for character refinement through delving into the sources of thought, positioning parapsychology as a crucial avenue for illuminating phenomena beyond conventional reasoning.

Professor Dr. Faisal Mahmood Mirza highlighted the necessity for nurturing the mental and intellectual faculties of students alongside traditional curriculum-based education. He articulated that self-awareness is the gateway to understanding the world, advocating for the holistic development of students’ personalities and characters through mental refinement.

Rameeza Mushtaq underscored the intrinsic connection between spirituality, intuition, and Islam, positioning parapsychology as a foundational pillar underpinning various disciplines worldwide.

The symposium concluded with a consensus on the pivotal role of parapsychology in broadening horizons, enriching understanding, and fostering holistic development across diverse domains of knowledge.