Portuguese Ambassador Frederico Silva inaugurates exhibition ‘Blurring Boundaries’

Islamabad: Ambassador of Portugal to Pakistan Frederico Silva on Thursday inaugurated arts and paintings exhibition titled’ Blurring Boundaries held at the Lok Virsa.

The exhibition was arranged by Nomad Art Gallery. A large number of arts lovers and members of the diplomatic corps witnessed the pieces of art displayed at the exhibition.

“Blurring Boundaries” is a strong, purposeful art exhibition curated by Nageen Hyat, Founder Director, Nomad Gallery as a tribute to the establishment of the art and cultural space. The purpose of an art exhibition is ultimately unique to each exhibition, driven by the concept of the curator, by the select artists creations and the context of the space.

Senior artist, Samina A. Akhtar works in a distinct method reflecting the Moghul period era in a contemporary style; using mix – medium, acrylics & oils. Her work consists of strong compositions of women in the Moghul court, highlighted by gold & silver leafs, variegated leaf with stylized poetry in the form of calligraphy to emphasize traditional writing skills. Her artworks are inspiring and popular in collections locally and internationally.

As a female artist, Sumera Jawad has always been fascinated with the role of the female form in the ancient civilizations. In ‘Blurring Boundaries’ her work is rooted in contemporary narratives reflecting interplay between male and female dynamics. This view may be ensconced in our way of seeing (or not seeing) holistic context. She is an accomplished artist and currently heads the Fine Arts Department of the Punjab University.

Having studied Fine Art at the Karachi School of Arts in Karachi and in Sweden, attended residency (Emma Ricklunds Foundation, Sweden) and being a member of The Swedish Artists National Organization (KRO-Konstnärernas Riksorganisation) Ubaid Syed is an established name in the art world residing in Sweden while occasionally traveling to Pakistan.

Nadir A. Jamali, senior artist and teacher, contributes to ‘Blurring Boundaries’, a symbolic Thar boy seen wandering and looking at the universe above him. The Thar boy, for Nadir Ali Jamali, is a symbol of struggle and courage in life, where he allows this character to roam on paper and canvas. Nadir used subdued washes to form a sense of dunes, that merge and move like waves around the character.

Hassnain Awais artworks in ‘Blurring Boundaries’ ventures into archives consisting of records that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on grounds of their enduring cultural, historical, or evidentiary value. Such records are normally unpublished and almost always unique.