Italy legend Buffon reveals which clubs he almost left Juventus for

Buffon emerged as an exciting talent with Parma prior to his Juventus move in 2001 and went on to win 10 Scudetti in Turin, as well as the 2006 World Cup with Italy and six Coppa Italia titles total. He hung up his boots in August 2023 after a two-year spell with his first club.

“In 2001, from Parma, I almost went to Roma. It was a matter of details. Then also Barcelona. In the end, however, I went to Juve. Then in 2005 there was a huge foreign club that wanted me, but I didn’t take them into consideration.

“In 2011 I was close to Roma again, Montali called me, I liked him and something had broken with Juve. But then Conte arrived and confirmed my presence. When I returned to Juve from PSG, I had already seen the flights, the city.

“And I was very close to Atalanta the second time, they knew me like the back of their hand. I was there, Paratici. Pirlo. Who said to me: Gigi, damn, it’s the first year I’ve coached, I came knowing you were there… What could I tell him?”

He then discussed what explanations he gave his family regarding his football career.

“The choices. Like Paris, like returning to Juve, like accepting to be second at Juve for two years, like going to Serie B for Parma. I explained to my children why I did these things, I hope that for them it’s a heritage from which to draw something good.”