Rome: Ever dreamed of spending a night in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, tucked in a bed crafted with the same leather as Ferrari car seats? What’s more, you’ll be surrounded by 110 elite trophies and encircled by the Ferrari cars that won those accolades and feel the speed of the Ferrari 296GTB on a private ride on the Pista di Fiorano, Ferrari’s private racetrack.

This type of night in the museum stay is part of Airbnb’s new “Icons” collection that offers up rare, extraordinary experiences around the world, with hosts who are big names in art, music, sports, television, and the social media sphere. The rental platform over the years has been occasionally offering buzzworthy stays, with opportunities to spend the night in the last remaining Blockbuster video store in Bend, Oregon or sleep over in the “Scream” house located in Santa Rosa.

Now, Airbnb says it will offer these dream-like stays on a more regular basis, mostly for free—with the first 11, including the Ferrari Museum, announced for the summer.

The lineup includes some wildly unique stays, like one in the Disney/Pixar “Up” house in Abiquiu, New Mexico and a stay in the clock room at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Most of the stays are free, and none are more than $100, so this more like a giveaway promotion than a traditional booking. Those looking for a “golden ticket” as Airbnb is calling it will need a little luck on their side because the rental platform will surely be fielding thousands of booking requests for these one-of-a-kind stays.

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The Icons stays include exclusive experiences, too: For instance, the Ferrari Museum guests will get to take a lap in a Ferrari 296 GTB, going from 0 to 100km/h in 2.5 seconds and dine like Enza Ferrari with a gourmet meal at Cavallino, a spot once frequented by the Ferrari founder.

Guests can also attend a racing event in Emilia-Romagna with VIP tickets and get a private tour of the museum.