Murad Ali Shah says Sindh have 4 Lac tons of wheat in stocks

Karachi: Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has Tuesday said that the prime minister has constituted a committee to inquire into the wheat scam.

“Those found to be involved in the wheat scam will be punished,” Sindh’s chief minister said while talking to media.

“We have 4,00,000 tonnes of wheat at our warehouses, presently no one is prepared to procure wheat,” Murad Ali Shah said.

“We want to give maximum benefit to small farmers,” CM Shah said.

It is to be mentioned here that harvesting of wheat crop in upper and lower Sindh regions has either completed or is nearing completion. The Sindh government had decided to procure 0.9m tonnes of wheat.

According to reports Sindh food department has procured around 355,000 tonnes of wheat at a support price of Rs4,000 per 40kg.

Procurement target in Sindh remained on lower side in view of reports of available carryover stocks when compared with last year’s target of 1.4m tonnes.

Murad Ali Shah further said that the country passes through a critical situation. “We are not a part of the federal government but extending support to it,” Sindh CM said.

“It needs all four provinces to remain united in these difficult times,” Shah said. “Here three provinces have been on one side, while the KP has been on the other side,” Sindh’s chief minister said.

“We all have to think first about the betterment of the country,” he added.