CPO orders strict security for Chinese engineers

Faisalabad: City Police Officer (CPO) Kamran Adil has directed the police officers to ensure tight security arrangements for Chinese engineers working at various projects across the district Faisalabad.

In this connection, he visited Chak Jhumra police station, Faisalabad Industrial Estate & Management Company (FIEDMC) police station and FIEDMC City and reviewed the security arrangements made for Chinese engineers.

On the occasion, he said that it was the first and foremost duty of the police to provide full safety and security to the masses including the foreigners. Therefore, no negligence, lethargy and delinquency would be tolerated in this regard.

He directed the security officers to make the security more tight by ensure three-layer security including police security, private guard and armed security personnel for Chinese.

He also directed the police officers to keep the security at high alert during movement and traveling of Chinese from one site to another.

The CPO checked front desks and record rooms of the police stations and directed their heads to adopt comprehensive strategy for arresting the crimes at maximum extent in their respective jurisdiction. Senior police officials were present on this occasion.