Quality of life program head discusses investment opportunities in Italy

Rome: Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Quality of Life Program Abdulrahman Al-Anbar, who is member in the Saudi-Italian business Council delegation, has taken part in meetings here focusing on boosting trade and investment between the two countries.

The program is one of Saudi Vision 2030 realization programs. Al-Anbar participated in the Saudi-Italian Joint Business Council Forum at the Confindustria headquarters to discuss important Quality of Life Program initiatives, achievements, impacts, and investment opportunities in various sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also participated in the SME Forum, where he highlighted the role of Saudi Vision 2030 initiatives in increasing Saudi contributions to culture and the arts.

Among these initiatives is the establishment of the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts and promoting handicrafts in the Kingdom.

Al-Anbar also delivered a detailed presentation on the program in a session titled “Enhancing Saudi-Italian Cooperation for Joint and Sustainable Development”, held at the Industrial Union of Naples Business Forum.

The Saudi-Italian Business Council delegation met with the Mayor of Naples and representatives of the Italian parliament, ministries, and government agencies.

It also visited Prince Faisal bin Sattam bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Ambassador to Italy, presenting the prominent initiatives to strengthen Saudi-Italian relations, which include the Supercoppa Italiana, Diriyah Biennale, and Formula 1 events.