Islamabad: Chairman of POWERCHINA, Ding Yanzhang, has called on Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif during his state visit to Beijing, China. According to a POWERCHINA press release received here on Saturday, both sides held in-depth discussions on promoting cooperation in areas such as energy and power planning, clean energy development, and major projects under construction in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Shehbaz expressed gratitude to POWERCHINA for its long-standing contributions to Pakistan’s energy and power infrastructure development. POWERCHINA has actively participated in the construction of the CPEC by leveraging its own resource advantages, investing in and constructing a series of landmark and influential projects, which have played a positive role in improving Pakistan’s energy structure and enhancing energy security. Currently, the Pakistani government is committed to green energy transition and industrial cooperation development, hoping that POWERCHINA will continue to leverage its professional advantages, deepen cooperation, and actively participate in the planning and construction of relevant major projects to make new contributions to further deepening cooperation between the two countries in the energy and economic fields.
Chairman Ding congratulated PM Shehbaz on his reappointment as Prime Minister and thanked the Pakistani government for its long-term support and assistance to POWERCHINA. He stated that as a global leader in clean, low-carbon energy, water resources, and environmental construction, POWERCHINA actively practices the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and has been involved in the early stages of the CPEC construction, effectively driving local employment and promoting Pakistan’s economic and social development. POWERCHINA will fully leverage its integrated advantages across the entire industry chain, actively participate in hydropower, new energy, and other fields in Pakistan, promote the optimization of local energy structure and green development, and contribute POWERCHINA’s wisdom and strength to furthering practical achievements, he said.